Not Feeling Well...

New Members: alice - Welcome to the harem!
Level Ups: Claire, Hotaru, Rizu (Average > Lovely); Lex, Rizu (Lovely > Pretty); Bun, Cami, Loki, Samu, saya (Pretty > Beautiful); Jessica (Beautiful > Charming) - Good job! Keep up the good work!
Masteries: Aki (karna, koutanaka, teacupbunnies, tomohisakitakado, suzakuseven); Bun (abrahamvanhelsing, lelouchlamperouge, remnants, shuusakamaki, tomohisakitakado); Cami (tomohisakitakado, cherryboys); Cas (cherryboys); Hotaru (lentsukimori, clamp, suzakuseven, sakurablooms, daisukeniwa); Jessica (shinichiizumi, shuuouma, kaitoudoumoto, catchase, wornout, tokiyaichinose, cherryboys, kouichisakakibara, sacrifice, ukyou, shoutakazehaya, kirayamato, gilgamesh, zerokiryuu); Kayori (grimmjowjaegerjaquez, whitelilies); Lex (dreameaters, setsunafseiei, blackhair, nightheist, clamp, juunishi, clairestanfield); Loki (nightheist, kyousohma, hisokamorow); Mio (akiramitsurugi, pinkstreet, harukananase, ikki, karna, allenwalker); Rizu (nightheist, otoyaittoki, pinkstreet, yue, tanjiroukamado); Samu (ayatosakamaki, natsudragneel, daisukeniwa); Selena (ayatosakamaki, gilgamesh, adonisotogari, ren)
Game Updates: Weekly Set, Valentines Weekly Set, Bi-weekly Set B, Upcoming Decks

Wishing Shrine

"Anything your heart desires, it will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."

"I wish for everyone to get 10 charm points! :)"
— Bun

Yes, all yours minna-san!

"5 Choice cards featuring Valentine colors"
— Gaelle

One card per deck, use the X11 color list.

"A chance to play the valentine event games twice!"
— Lex

For this week, refresh the rewards page ONCE to get the 2nd set of rewards.

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 8 cards. Please take no more than 2 cards per deck!
Donators and deck makers can take 1 additional card from any deck they donated and made.

Don't forget to comment with what you take!

Overall Update

Yes, I'm not peeling well since yesterday, I have body pains and chills and I think I'm having a monthly occurrence of stye in my eyelid since December 2019. ; - ; I don't know what's the problem iven though I've been washing my hands clean plus sanitizing them. Anyway, there's nothing much happened the entire week, I guess? Or I'm just too dense to notice LOL. The weekly and bi-weekly set A games with additional tiramisu cakes are now over, vut the bi-weekly set B will have it for the entire week and after that the tiramisu cakes will only be gained though the Valentine's set until the month ends. The Red Ribbon Shop will open up a little later today, just give me some time to finish the forom information and the inventory of goodies that you can buy with your tiramisu cakes.

By the wey, for the Deck Creation rewards, the rewards will be passed out when the Valentine's 2020 deck has been released next update! So those of you who have included their choice card on the current round's thread will still have the entire week to change theirr choice card if they wanted to. I'm thinking that it may be choice cards to complete a mastery deck and I don't really want to postpone your masteries for et another week, so feel free to change them if you need to! Also, those who participated for this round will get to pull 1 additional card (the card you donated an image for + 1 card if you want), so that will be a total of 2 cards from the Valentine's 2020 deck.

BINGO: B03, B07, I16, I22, I24, I25, N35, G48, G57, O61, O64, O65, O67, O69, O70

Closing Notes

The second volume of our magazine hasn't been released yet, so let's hope that Jessica would be able to put it up on site on or before her weekly update next week. XD LOL It's been delayed for 2 weeks now, but we can't really blame hard-working people, so kudos to Jess! That's all for me today, I'm sorry that it's a short update—with my condition at the moment, it's really hard to think about the composition of this week's update. ; - ; Jessica will take care of the update next week on February 22, tally-ho minna-san~!

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